Careers at Longest Road Studio

We are always looking for new members to join the team. Are you a driven games developer or do you believe your skills can be used to grow the company in other ways. Send your CV and a motivation on how and why you would fit the company. We will go through your application and get back to you as soon as we can.

2D Concept/Character Artist Needed


Longest Road Studio is looking for a 2D Concept Artist to join us for developing Style, Character, Asset and Environment design for our next game Lume, scheduled to launch in 2021. 


Lume is an atmospheric art game about fear and how we can teach ourselves to overcome it. The game will play with how things look different in darkness and we are looking for artists that knows how to do this in 2D as well as translating that to 3D in their designs. Ideal candidates will have an enduring passion for art games, and will be familiar with the games from That Game Company.   


Inspirational reference games include: 

Flower, Journey, Firewatch and Abzu

… But we’d like you to bring your own vision to our world!


What would we need:


Style development:

Development of style and aesthetics 

Color boards

Environmental concepting

Asset concepting


Concept art for three unique characters:

1 Main Character

1 Companion

1 Manifestation of fear.


Each character will need:

1 Front, Side and Back view of the character for 3D Artists to work from

The main character will need:

3 – 5 action poses


Environmental and Prop concepting would need:

Architectural concepting
Environmental Concepting

Asset concepting


Asset concepting will need:

Concept of the assets

Front and side views of the assets, where appropriate