About us

We are a small Indie company that focuses on making “Conscious Games”. We make games that do not only entertain but also educate people through the experiences the games deliver. We focus on making games that touch upon issues present in most of our lives and try to give some insight in these situations.

The digital world allows us to make anything we can think of and we want to use that power to teach and help people, through entertainment, through games.

We believe that the digital world in perfect for creating these experiences, the player has a safe environment and can stop the experience if they feel the need. This allows us to discuss truly difficult experiences and in the right format we can expose our players to them.

We believe that life is hard enough as it is, there is no manual and most things you have to figure out for yourself. We believe that everyone can use a little help with life and we like to address issues that might not always be the easiest to discuss in normal conversation. We want to create more insight into these issues, educate people about them and show how we can better communicate with people dealing with these issues in life.

Our goal is to make games that use engaging gameplay and intriguing stories to take players on an insightful journey. Immerse the player in the experience and let the game inform and teach as the player plays through the game.